Features of the amplification of the electromagnetic field and the density of states of photonic crystal structures in plants
Shabanov A.V., Korshunov M.A., Bukhanov E.R.


Kirensky Institute of Physics, FRC KSC SB RAS, 660036, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Akademgorodok 50/12,
 Federal Research Center KSC SB RAS, 660036, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Akademgorodok 50

Calculations were performed using the transfer matrix of one-dimensional photonic crystals with low contrast and asymmetric structures of different periods. Such structures have been found in many plants. When joining two successively connected sublattices with different periods, an increase is observed in the amplitude of the electromagnetic field and the density of photon states inside the structure, and their change depends on the asymmetry of the thickness of the sublattices.

photonic crystal, defect mode, photonic band gap, layered periodic structures, density of states.

Shabanov AV, Korshunov MA, Bukhanov ER. Features of the amplification of the electromagnetic field and the density of states of photonic crystal structures in plants. Computer Optics 2019; 43(2): 231-237. DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-2019-43-2-231-237.


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